Who we are

HEINZ-PLASTICS Polska Sp. z o.o. was established in 1998, we are a producer of high quality cosmetic packaging for cosmetics, perfume and eau the toilette. We implement designs and projects of our clients as well as we offer standars packaging. We offer perfume caps for perfume bottles from Surlyn and other materials, screw caps for jars and bottles, bi-injection flip-tops, PET bottles and roll-on packaging. We have been a member of the HEINZ-GLAS Group, a worldwide well-known supplier of glass packaging dedicated for perfumery and cosmetics.

Quality first and foremost

In order to achieve the necessary level of trust with our Customers as well as to effectively manage quality, we have implemented a Quality Assurance System with ISO 9001:2015. 
With this system we wish to be a trustworthy and reliable partner to our Customers in delivering our products.


Complementary offer is the HEINZ-GLAS Group strategy aimed at offering our Customers complete packaging, both: customized projects and standard packaging. We offer glass packaging (perfume bottles,  skin-care packgaging and jars) with wide range of plastic caps and closures as well as customized decoration. Thanks to the experience and close cooperation of our companies, our Customerss receive high-quality tailor-made complete packaging within agreed timescales. Such a solution provides plenty of benefits such as quality assurance compliance for all packaging components, cost and time reduction, convenience and, last but not least, customer satisfaction.


In 2009, our Company received a grant from the Innovative Economy Operational Programme, Measure 4.4 "Investments with high innovation potential."
As part of this project, in August 2010, the construction of a modern manufacturing plant of the floor area of 1,500 sqm and 3,000 sqm high bay warehouse for 2,500 pallet spaces, was completed.
This investment also allowed for the development of the machinery, introduction of two-component injection moulding and the production of PET packagings in the injection stretch blow moulding (ISBM) technology, as well as modern technology solutions.


The Quality Management System at HEINZ-PLASTICS Polska Sp. z o.o. is the foundation of our business and an integral part of our philosophy.

HEINZ-PLASTICS Polska implemented the first Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 in 2003.

In order to ensure high quality production, the manufacturing process is strictly controlled at every stage, including:
- control of purchased products
- control of the manufacturing process
- final control of the product

Management through Quality is based on the continuous improvement of the Company in all aspects and areas of its operation.


Certificate BRC

HEINZ-PLASTICS Polska has always cared about the quality, safety and hygiene of its packaging products, responding to the high demands you place on your suppliers. We are proud to announce that our activities and commitment to the production of safe, high-quality products have been confirmed by the receipt of the BRC certificate - BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials. This standard is a leading international standard used by manufacturers and the packaging industry around the world, it guarantees the highest safety of the packaging manufactured for you and enables you to meet legal and hygienic requirements.


Perfection in Plastics